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Allergic Rhinitis, sinus allergies or ‘asthma of the nose’, as it is sometimes called, is very common and left untreated makes you feel tired, exhausted and sometimes it is difficult to concentrate.

Allergic Rhinitis should be treated every day  during the season when you have symptoms and year round if necessary.

What are the symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis?


Symptoms vary, but can include:


Who is likely to develop Allergic Rhinitis?

The tendency to have allergies is often hereditary, although allergies to specific substances are not, as these are acquired by exposure to the irritant. Allergic rhinitis and other symptoms of allergy usually develop by age 10 and peak in a person s early twenties; allergies often become less severe or disappear in older adulthood.

Many people with allergic rhinitis develop asthma at some time during their life.

Treatment options


Claritin is safe and effective and lasts 24 hours.

It is available without a prescription and does not make you feel drowsy.  Claritin D also has a decongestant and may help until you get your rhinitis well controlled.

Zyrtec - On prescription in Bermuda is safe and effective and lasts 24 hours.  It is not supposed to make you feel drowsy however, some people do complain of drowsiness while taking it.

Phenergan, Benadryl and Piriton are all non prescription antihistamines.  Will make you drowsy so should only be taken at night.


Other treatment options

Singulair once a day prescription treatment.   

Unfortunately Singular is not effective for everyone.


Preventative prescription nasal sprays

Avamys, Flixonase, Nosacort and Rhinocort are available in Bermuda. A safe topical steroid must be used every day during the season when you have symptoms.