Helping Bermuda Breathe!




Would you like to plan an event or workshop?

Contact TRACY NASH or call 232-0264


Open Airways never misses an opportunity to help people with asthma or other breathing difficulties.

We do not simply sit in our offices waiting for people to come and see us; we get out into the community and reach those people, who many never make an appointment.


We attend health fairs; give seminars, workshops and presentations to people of all ages.


If you would like to plan an event or workshop please contact:

                          Tracy Nash: 232-0264 or

We aim to reach the community by a variety of means:


Lively Workshops - Lively FREE one-hour workshops given in clubs, workplaces,

to church groups, seniors clubs and more.  HERE for details.

Summer Camp Workshops - Workshops geared specifically to camp counselors who may be looking after someone with asthma.  

Health Fairs - Open Airways nurses attend health fairs throughout the year offering asthma education and prevention and follow-up consultations when necessary.   

Azmobiles - The Azmobiles have proved to be much more than a couple of vans transporting our nurses around the island. People stop and ask for help wherever the Azmobiles are parked. Advice is given, spacers, booklets and leaflets distributed and appointments are made by the side of the road, at the supermarket and even the gas station!

Talk Shows & Radio Broadcast - Aimed to reach the community to spread awareness.  

World Asthma & COPD Days - Educate the community to raise awareness and understand of the best practice asthma and COPD care. World Asthma Day includes an event on the City Hall steps with trained professionals on hand providing expert advice, and local schools and musicians providing musical entertainment and a lively atmosphere.  HERE for additional information

Smoking Cessation - Open Airways offers The Allen Carr EASYWAY to Stop Smoking Seminars. The frequncy of the seminars is based on demand, usually every 12-18 months.  HERE for additional information

Publish, print and distribute educational booklets, flyers and posters. - HERE for additional information and details.