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What does Coronavirus mean for someone with Asthma?


We know respiratory infections can trigger asthma symptoms, and we know people with asthma and other respiratory diseases are more likely to suffer from serious complications from the virus.



• Take your PREVENTER INHALER EVERY DAY as prescribed – Well-controlled asthma is your best defence!

• Always carry your emergency/relief inhalers with you.

• Ensure you have SPARE INHALERS (in case you have to have to self-quarantine).


REMEMBER - follow recommended guidance for preventing flu or coronavirus

• Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or alcohol hand sanitiser

• Cough/sneeze into your elbow or tissue and dispose immediately

• Avoid contact with people with respiratory symptoms.


If your asthma is getting worse please contact your local GP.  

Well-controlled asthma is your best defence!!

Use your PREVENTER every day!


Did you know....your preventer inhaler takes 2 weeks to be effective? If you are NOT taking yours every day, start TODAY ....don't wait until you have the virus.



Well-controlled asthma is your best defence!

(Preventer inhalers - Flixotide, Beclomethasone, Symbicort, Seretide, Dulera, Qvar)


"BE WELL-PREPARED and WELL-CONTROLLED" - Tracy's advice in a ZBM interview regarding people who have asthma in light of the coronavirus.


ZBM news aired this evening - Interview begins at: 27.05 HA



Link to March 2020

Asthma, Coronavirus and Schooling at Home



DURING THIS COVID-19 health crisis

Our nurses continue to help anyone with Asthma and COPD -
FREE of charge - ONLINE, over the phone and through email.

Please contact: Tracy - 232-0264
or Liz -


Coronavirus & Asthma - Bermuda - Be Prepared!   

Some great information for those who have Asthma or COPD and might be finding facemasks difficult to use.


Masks should always be used if you will be in contact with other people, such as supermarkets, public transport, etc. If unable to tolerate a mask medically, please either stay home (shielding) or find a type of facial covering that you can tolerate, possibly a loosely tied face scarf. Try practicing with facial covering at home, and also consider the time of day you are going out. (ie. Much better in cooler times of the day)


Link HERE to excellent ‘Creaky Joints’ article


The Bermuda Government wants everyone to wear masks.

This may be challenging if your allergies are not well controlled.

At this time of year pollen counts are up and can trigger allergic reactions.


Symptoms of pollen allergy may include:

Sniffling or sneezing

Red or watery eyes

Itchy nose or eyes.

All of these can make it challenging when wearing a mask - getting your allergies under control will help.


Help and treatment is available. Please speak to your doctor or contact Open Airways for advice on how to manage your allergies.


Please see HERE for links to all our downloadable flyers:

EXCELLENT 30 minute video with Tracy,

covering a variety of Asthma related topics -

full of basic, important and vital information.


This was a FACEBOOK ‘LIVE’ video, held on

May 5th, 2020 - World Asthma Day


HERE to access.