Helping Bermuda Breathe!





Spacers (for use with inhalers)


Inhalers are not easy to use; coordinating your breathing to ensure the medication reaches your airways is tricky.

We recommend everyone, regardless of age, use a spacer.


Our nurses are happy to show you how to use a spacer effectively.

The school asthma nurse distributes free spacers to every student annually and also shows students how to use them.


Spacers are distributed (free of charge) at health fairs, workshops, seminars, PTA meetings and more, or call 232-0264 or email if you need a new spacer.



Pillows as part of our Pillows for Prevention program are given to every child with asthma in primary schools annually. The aim is to teach children a lifelong habit of replacing pillows every year as little things makes a big difference!



Oxygen concentrators are loaned free of charge to people who need oxygen therapy and do not have adequate health insurance coverage.

To obtain an oxygen concentrator:


Oxygen concentrators are also available locally from Medical House