Helping Bermuda Breathe!





Open Airways has established an island-wide asthma education program which has been quoted at international conferences as a model of excellence.  We believe that young children learn easily, as they will be the next generation of adults, we hope to make a difference for many years to come.

Lively Assemblies:

Open Airways realized the importance of educating ALL of our children (not just those with asthma) about breathing freely.  Through lively annual school assemblies, children learn about good air quality and asthma triggers and learn how to avoid them.


Each year our lively assemblies have a different theme from ‘The Goal is Control’, during the last World Cup, to ‘Little things make a Big Difference’.  Nurse Jen produced a wonderful puppet show - ‘Once Upon a Breath’, which primary school children enjoyed immensely.  The puppeteers were selected from primary 6 students, who were enthusiastic and excited.


Pillows and Spacers:

Students with asthma are seen either individually or in small groups.  They are given a new spacer every year and shown how to use it effectively.  Primary school children are also given a new pillow each year and taught the importance of replacing their pillow every year, as little things make a big difference.   The children are taught how to control their asthma and also know when to seek help.


Dangers of smoking:

Students learn about the dangers of smoking and the importance of being smart and not starting to smoke.


School Fairs, PTA and Teacher Workshops:

Schools, teachers and parents have presentations from our nurses throughout the year.


National School Asthma Policy:

Open Airways has worked with the Department of Health to produce a National School Asthma policy and an Asthma First Aid poster.   We also work closely with the Healthy Schools Program.


World Asthma Day & Hour of Air

Many schools participate in our community event helping to raise awareness about the importance of breathing freely;  choirs sing and school bands play for us.   Many schools also support our ‘Hour of Air’ fundraising and awareness day, using this as an opportunity to help raise funds to continue our island-wide school asthma education program.